Dianne Kellogg
Beginnings/Endings Photos

Dianne Kellogg is an Ohio native who has spent the last fifty years in northern Ohio’s rural snowbelt. Arctic blasts and strong winds off of Lake Erie can dump half a metre or more of snow overnight, collapsing roofs, knocking down trees, and making roads impassible for days. The end of winter brings maple syrup tapping time and the first blossoms, daffodils, a symbol of Kellogg’s Welsh heritage.
      Kellogg has a BA from Hiram College. She studied watercolour under Florian Lawton and she has worked as a muralist and interior decorator. Having retired from governmental fund accounting, she now has time to pursue photography, poetry, and watercolours.

Dianne Kellogg, Snow Collapsed Barn Roof, photograph, 2017


Dianne Kellogg, Fallen Tree, photograph, 2020


Dianne Kellogg, Daffodils, photograph, 2019