Annual AQ Yearbook Party/Reading 13 December ABC, Amsterdam 6 PM

Amsterdam Quarterly (AQ), a tri-quarterly, literary magazine, will celebrate the publication of its third yearbook at the American Book Center in Amsterdam on Friday, 13 December at 6 PM. Come to the party and meet AQ’s writers, editor and publisher. The yearbook party will include short readings by Juliet Cutler, Kate Foley, Lucien Knoedler, Bryan Monte and Susan de Sola among others.

AQ’s mission is to publish, promote and comment on writing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the world. AQ publishes online at every spring, summer and autumn. In the winter it prints an annual, compilation anthology known in Dutch as a jaarboek. In addition, AQ has a monthly writers’ group that meets every third Sunday of the month from September to June. For more information about the group, contact Bryan Monte at

The next issue of AQ will be AQ9, which will appear in April 2014. Its theme is families of blood and of choice and it will feature poetry, fiction, essays, an interview, memoirs, photos and reviews. AQ9’s reading period is the month of January 2014. Send submissions or enquires to

Copies of the Amsterdam Quarterly 2013 Yearbook will be printed during the party to demonstrate the ABC’s Espresso Book Machine (EBM). An ABC staffperson will also be on hand to answer questions about the EBM.