AQ 2014 Yearbook launch at English Bookshop, A’dam, 23 November, 2 PM

Sunday, 23 November 2014, Amsterdam Quarterly (AQ) will hold a party and reading to celebrate the launch of its 2014 Yearbook at the English Bookshop, Lauriergracht 71 in Amsterdam from 2 to 4 PM. Readers will include Iclal Akcay, Sarah Kinebanian, Lucien Knoedler, Amina Roselyne LaFrance, Bryan R. Monte and Patricia Seman. The 2014 Yearbook is a compilation of AQ’s online spring (AQ9), summer (AQ10) and autumn (AQ11) issues.

Work published in the AQ 2014 Yearbook includes an interview with NPR/BBC humorist and writer, David Sedaris (AQ9), an interview with and a poem by 2009 TS Eliot Poetry Prize winner, Philip Gross, (AQ10), an article about novelist Stephen King (AQ11) by former CBS News Paris correspondent, Joan Z. Shore and digital images (including cover art) by Yolanda V. Fundora (AQ10 & 11) .

AQ was founded in 2011. Its goal is to publish, promote and comment on writing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the world.

Admission to the reading is free, but limited to the first 30 respondents. RSVP at Seats must be claimed at least 10 minutes before the reading begins.