Melody Wilson
Medea’s Last Girlfriend Consoles

Yeah, you were kind of hot, out there on that island, and you had skills. Big fish in a small pond. But Jason came along in a Pontiac or a longboat, something about a sheep, and off you went, total defiance. Your brother’s head in tow. Kind of a groupie, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, new to town, in over your head. You didn’t even know all the words, fiancé, fellatio, souffle. Such a bumpkin. You were both outsiders, but he was smooth and shiny, and you were broody, and there were parties. You got to know people. You had the palace, the boys had a tutor, and you could walk around the market shopping for pomegranates and smile. It wasn’t enough, of course, and that thing about the boss’s daughter. Okay, she was beautiful, like Charlize Theron in that J’adore commercial, and you kept saying, “It’s just the dress,” and well, you got that proved. Then there was no turning back; he would send you packing, and the boys would know, and they looked just like him, and well, that’s the thing about scorning.