Gene Groves
Zeus Is Flabbergasted

Look at him! Fair enough, name your new city
after yourself. Build altars to me, the other gods,
that keeps us happy, doesn’t it?
But this swollen headed Salmoneus has kidnapped
my sacrifices, mine, Zeus, lord of all.

He announced to all Salmonia
that he is Zeus. Look at him!
Safe, so he thinks,
cauldrons chained to his chariot
dragging through streets.

What a racket! He’s bound them with hide.
I’ll have his hide.
What’s he up to? Such noise, I can’t think.
Oak torches hurled into the air like javelins,
falling like lava.

People ducking, diving
scorched skirts, burned bodies.
Salmoneus, a fake Zeus, creates stage sound effects.
His little city, little chariot, little life all mine.
One thunderbolt is all it takes.