Bob Ward
Classical European Architecture

Bob Ward Roman temple, Nimes, France, photograph, 2016

Roman Temple, Nimes, France
When the Romans forced their way into France the people of Nimes chose to co-operate with rather than challenge the invaders. In consequence the city retains many features from that time, notably this Roman Temple, which is one of the best preserved of its kind.

Bob Ward, Roman Aqueduct, Pont du Gard, South France, photograph, 2016

Pont du Gard, southern France
The Romans were brilliant engineers as evidenced by this huge aqueduct built in the 1st C. CE. It spans the River Gardon and looks good to last well into the future.

Bob Ward Norwich Cathedral Spire from Cloisters, photograph, 2019

Norwich Cathedral, UK
Founded soon after the Norman conquest of England. The cathedral spire, one of tallest in Britain, is seen here through an archway in the cloisters. It provides a nesting site for peregrine falcons. Among the many notable features of the cathedral are the roof bosses, which vividly depict biblical scenes. Edith Cavell’s simple grave lies within the cathedral precinct.

Bob Ward Norwich Cathedral Cloisters, photograph, 2019

The Norwich Cathedral Cloisters
Many of the roof bosses mentioned above are situated in these cloisters.  Along the walls are many fine murals and heraldic memorials.

Bob Ward, Detail from Il Duomo, photograph, 1993

Florence Cathedral (detail), Italy
This building, completed in the 15th C. CE, is a key work arising from the Italian renaissance, which claimed to be reviving the classical values and style. The immense dome constructed by Brunelleschi consists of an inner and an outer shell. It is possible to reach the look-out point at the summit by wending a way between the two layers, an awesome experience.