A Past Life Archaeology in Measurable Terms
by Charles Jensen

OMM SETY, born Dorothy Eady (1904-1981), is considered the most compelling argument for
reincarnation. Following a freak accident in her house at age 4, claimed to almost fully recover
a past life memory of being an Egyptian priestess. Scientists were unable to explain her high
rate of success in predicting the location of buried antiquities.

I know how much a year weighs,
how many days rest in a spade’s single dip

as it cuts into sand.
I pull day after day from the ground—

I say, Here there was a garden.
The diggers dig and find what I remember.

Nothing is ever lost—my other life in Egypt you may not believe true,
but my memories sift upward through the brain and I discover things,

impossible things. I know where the bodies are buried,
where the dogs curled in sleep head to tail,

exactly where clay pots shattered when they fell.
Lives have simple beginnings and ends. Artifacts sleep.

We turn the earth upside down
as if years would pass again.

The earth,
an hourglass.