Lia Di Stefano
Weather Photos

Photography is an extension of Lia Di Stefano’s aesthetic sensibility, which includes both writing and the visual arts. She often photographs dramatic light and weather conditions.
      Tumultuous Sky was shot with a 35mm Canon SureShot camera in two parts: the top two-thirds and the bottom one-third, which were joined in Photoshop. The clouds appeared this colour, roiled violently, no wind on the ground, but a small tornado was later reported nearby.
     Green Light, Wipers Off was shot on an iPhone XR as part or an ongoing series of rain photos and videos. The series is also part of a broader series of abstract photos.

Lia Di Stefano, Tumultous Sky, photograph, 2019

Lia Di Stefano, Green Light, Wipers Off, photograph, 2019