Sandhya Krishnakumar
Walking along Westerdok

I see you,
Pink and yellow flowers on the sidewalk,
The shimmering gold in the IJ,
Red amaryllis fallen on the cycle track,
And a little further away,
A baby shoe – single, black.

I see you,
Solitary tree clad in fall colours,
Impatient for summer to end,
While all around you
Are trees in their brightest green,
The seize-the-moment army.

I see you,
Man on the bench,
Huddled in your sleeping bag,
Living beneath the stars,
Serenaded by birdsong
And whizzing cars.

I see you,
Lady in red jacket,
With a ready smile when our eyes meet,
While our feet pass each other,
Unsure whether to stop and greet
The stranger we see daily on the street.

Friends of the morning,
Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
What is your story?
I don’t know, yet.
But I am thankful
That you are in mine.