Meryl Stratford
Phone Booth

The elegant red phone booth of long ago
The phone booth of heroic disguise
The phone booth marching through London in seven-league boots
The phone booth of truth or consequence
The phone booth on the ocean floor
The phone booth in a no-talking zone
The phone booth and mail box in an old folks home
The phone booth in love with a violin
The phone booth of secret midnight calls
All the lonely phone booths
A phone ringing in a phone booth and no one answering
A phone call from John Wilkes Booth
Signing a three-year lease on a phone booth
Repairing and recharging cell phones in a phone booth
The improbable phone booths of Ancient Egypt
The phone booths of hell and their unending conversations
In dreams, the phone booth of telepathic communication
The meditation of a phone booth — a Fibonacci sequence
A transcendental time machine trapped in the form of a phone booth
Every phone booth reminding you — it’s time to call your mother
An imaginary phone booth for imaginary friends
A phone book of abecedarian poems