Aphorisms for Graduates at a June Commencement
by Tom Daley

You will be remembered
as sustainable skirl, as focus
blending quietly into fearful

beige. Your requirements outdone
by oaks that stood the rain
and willed it

where carpenters seeded
their own superfluity.
Accomplishment is a hinge linking

consequential to fretful.
These are the small infrastructures
of abandonment, of tears

confirmed, of whistles
shivering in bioluminescence,
of sighs hurled like mortarboards

over bated poise
and teetering platitudes.
These are the shrewd butterflies

that alight on the podium,
a tardy marvel conferring
distinctions on a case-by-case

basis—like you, tempted
to bound and reach far back—
and burgeon.