Animals Close to Home
by Bryan R. Monte

Although he is best known as a writer and an editor, Bryan R. Monte has a photography collection which covers nearly 50 years. It includes not only photos of San Franciscan artists and writers such as Jerome Caja as a young boy scout and Steve Abbott as a middle-aged man, but also landscapes of the many places he has lived. Two of these landscapes include animals close to home. The first is of a wild deer in the Cleveland, Ohio Metroparks, less than two miles from Monte’s former family home. The second is of a parking lot in Holmes County, Ohio with a line of horse-drawn Amish buggies, within a short drive of his father’s birthplace.

Bryan R. Monte, Deer, Cleveland, Ohio Metroparks, photo, 2016

Bryan R. Monte, Amish Parking Lot, Holmes County, Ohio, photo, 2015